Alex J. Lucier, Accessibility Resources

| Assistant Director for Accommodations & Student Success

Address: Memorial Library 132
Phone: 507-389-5242


  • St. Paul, MN


  • Minnesota State University, Mankato (B.A. – Anthropology)
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato (M.S. – Counseling & Student Personnel – College Student Affairs)
  • St. Cloud State University (Ed.D. Candidate [in progress] – Higher Education Administration)
  • University of Seoul, South Korea (Year-long Study Abroad – Korean Language & Literature)
  • Ecole Supérieure de Commerce La Rochelle (Summer Study Abroad – French)

Things we can talk about

As a disability services professional, I am happy to discuss disability, identity, and accessibility. As a diversity advocate, we can discuss equity and inclusion at all levels, catharsis over experiences, or even just existing as a marginalized person in a dominant space. As a nerd, we could spend hours (if you let me) talking about video games (PC main), houseplants, and language learning.

How we can meet

Email conversations, Zoom calls, in-person office meetings, chats over lunch/coffee.
Schedule to meet with me here: Book with Me

Why I want to be a Maverick Firsts Advocate

As a current first-gen college student and staff member here at MSU, Mankato, I have personal knowledge and experience navigating the hurdles we need to jump through to get even the simplest things figured out. My family members didn't have the college experience to guide me through the processes, and I had to pay my own bills. So, while your experience may not be exactly the same as mine, I can empathize with the struggle. And, if you add being a multiracial, queer, and disabled individual on top of all of that? Resilience is my proudest virtue. That being said, I am open to meeting with students from all walks of life and I want to help people self-advocate for their needs.

Things I’m connected with that might be of interest to you

  • I am fluent in four languages: English (native language), ASL, Japanese, and Korean. I also have some knowledge of my ancestral language, Ojibwemowin. Language learning is a passion of mine, as I taught English during my study abroad in South Korea in three different organizations!
  • I changed my major SEVEN times in my undergrad! I felt around different fields over the first couple of years, but nothing really fit my interests until I took an Anthropology class as a gen ed. I even changed my major in grad school to CSP and transferred schools during my doctoral studies! Thus, when working with students in my office who are still deciding on majors, I am the last person to judge.
  • My previous professional role was academic advising. As a student, I used to work in the Multicultural Center as a student worker, then as a graduate intern, before my staff journey began. In that role, I led our Native American Student Association and even got to plan some awesome, campus-wide events!
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