Casey Duevel, Reference Librarian

Address: Memorial Library 0082
Phone: 507-389-5150


  • Royalton, MN


  • University of Minnesota, Morris (BA – Social Science)

  • Dominican University (via College of St. Catherine) (MLIS – Master of Library and Information Science
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato (MS – Educational Leadership)

Things we can talk about

We could chat about college life, pop culture (some favorites are: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Parks and Rec, The Office, Downton Abbey), books, family, music, crossword puzzles, growing up in a small town, being a farm kid, cooking, pets, etc. I’m available to meet for many reasons. I can be particularly helpful with navigating the research process, figuring out who to talk to on campus, decoding syllabi to plan for the semester, organizing and labeling things, and working on your resumes.

I am available for

Conversations and advising:

  • On the phone
  • Over zoom
  • Imeeting at the CSU or the librar

Why I want to be a Maverick Firsts Advocate

I am a first-generation college student and know that college can be intimidating. Everything from the size of the campus to making new friends to the vocabulary (provost, registrar, annotated bibliography, peer-reviewed articles, etc.) is overwhelming. From firsthand experience, I know that first-generation students have the extra burden of not relying on family to assist them because their family does not have college experience. College was one of the most formative, joyful, FUN, and extraordinary times of my life. I want to help our students have the same experience. Also, I love helping people, and I love watching our students succeed.

Other information about me

  • In my downtime, I LOVE to play games. The competitor in me emerges whether it’s playing board games like Life or Sequence with my husband and child, gaming apps on my phone, or this insanely fast card game that my family plays called Slap. Did you know that our library has a large selection of board games, card games, and DVDs to check out? Stop in, check some out, and plan a gaming and movie night with your new roomies or floormates.
  • Some people believe that librarians just read books and “shush” people. NOT SO! Our librarians help students every day with research and assignments and are here to help YOU. We will also let you use our staplers and three-hole punches 😊 PS – regarding that shushing thing, you’ll only get shushed in quiet study areas and usually by other students!
  • Many students coming to campus miss their family pets very much. During finals week, you can often find therapy animals in the CSU to pet for a fantastic stress reliever. Also, if you miss your critters and are looking for volunteer opportunities, the local humane society is starting to increase its number of volunteers.
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