Katie Brunner, Department of Communication Studies

| Assistant Professor

Address: 207A Armstrong Hall (AH 207A)
Phone: 507-389-5536
Email: katie.brunner@mnsu.edu


  • Pembine, WI


  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (BA-Organizational Communication)
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato (MFA-Communication Studies & Forensics)

Things we can talk about

Any and all of it. I’m an RSO advisor, so I’d be happy to talk to you about involvement. I’ve taught some professional communication courses, so I would love to chat with you about the Career Development Center or internships. I’ve had the unique experience of taking classes with many faculty who still teach here, so I’d love to talk to you about classes!

How we can meet

Coffee? Seriously though. Phone (cell is best), email, zoom, or in-person. I’m down for any of these!

Why I want to be a Maverick Firsts Advocate

I quite literally stumbled my way through undergrad. My mom worked incredibly hard and she did eventually end up with an associate’s degree through a night-school program in our town, but no one in my family had any experience with university. I learned a ton just through trial and error and I’d love to make things just a bit easier for anyone else. I just love chatting, really. Many of my advising sessions divulge into lengthier explorations of life than just registering for classes. These conversations are some of my favorite parts of being an educator. I certainly do not claim to know everything, but I do know it’s easier if you don’t go it alone…so I’d be happy to stumble through this adventure with you/p>

Things I’m connected with that might be of interest to you

I’m the director of the Maverick Speech and Debate team. It may seem scary, but we’re really just another place to belong. Even if it’s not us, it’s so important to find your crew on campus and I’d love to have a conversation about that. Bonus: finding an RSO not only means a group to belong to, it also can provide excellent leadership/development opportunities for those resumes!

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