Kellian Clink, Librarian


Address: Memorial Library 3071
Phone: 507-389-5152


  • Casper, Wyoming


  • Concordia College (BA French, English)
  • University of Minnesota (MA Journalism)
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison (MLIS [Library])
  • Specialist in Educational Leadership

Things we can talk about

Strategies for enjoying school, making friends, self-care, learning even when the classes aren’t what you hoped for. I’m boundary free, it’s why I’m a librarian not a social worker Ha!

I am available for

  • Conversations
  • Phone calls

Why I want to be a Maverick Firsts Advocate

I LOVE this journey you’re on. Between the ages of 18 and 22 I tried on a zillion personalities, had a VERY diverse group of friends. I was a disco queen with my gay guy friends and went to church with a future priest. I listened to Grateful Dead and Patti Smith with some friends and Michael Johnson with others. My best friend was Black and I could and did ask him any dumb question. Concordia was the safest place in the world to be a “wild rebel.” I was nurtured by professors and the “financial aid lady” and the local priest. I want everyone to have a good experience personally and make friends to last a lifetime.

I also want to help you think about what you want to do for a living, what you value, how you are going to get everything you need here at Mankato to make employers be ASTOUNDED at your value to their enterprise. I do sessions for the Learning Communities on thinking through what to do during these four years to successfully navigate to the next step, whether that’s grad school or a job. I don’t have much magic, but I do think I’m gifted about helping young people think through career steps.


I am a crazy-good Scrabble player, have had French, German, Latin, Russian and Chinese (which I had to drop out of). I hike in England most summers. I kayak most days when I’m in town and when there’s no snow on the ground. I snowshoe to work and don’t drive AT ALL during the winter. I’m a coward in tons of ways, but applaud myself with gusto when I’m courageous. I still love to draw. I’m an amateur historian and present at a history conference most years, as well as a library conference most years. I feel HUGELY privileged to be on your journey and happy to help in any way.

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