Kent Stanley, Vice President for University Advancement

Executive Director of the Minnesota State University Mankato Foundation

Address: 224 Alumni Foundation Center
Phone: 507-389-6830


  • Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Schools Attended

  • Trinity Western University
  • Fresno State
  • United States Sports Academy
  • Harvard University

Things we can talk about

Your choice, but I like to learn about people’s journeys. I’m always amazed at the various roads (figurative and literal) we all travel. Happy to talk about university life, navigating careers, building personal networks, history, sports, politics, faith. I have two children in college now, so have some connection to the modern student experience.

I am available for

Conversation that could be in-person either on or off campus; I’m always willing to buy the coffee (tea, soda, etc). But also available for phone calls, email chats, Zoom, etc. Enjoy connecting.

Why I want to be a Maverick Firsts Advocate

First-gen students are often finding their way, sometimes without a guide---through conversations I try to help find answers to the big and small questions students have.

I grew up in a logging family of eight in northern British Columbia and was the first in my family to attend college. Neither of my parents finished high school, but they did everything they could to encourage my siblings and me to read, and be aware of the world.

In my work at MSU I lead the marketing and fundraising efforts for the university, and one of my goals is to “daily raise a little bit more money to help one more student go to college”.

I believe that education, and particularly a college education & degree, is the most reliable social & economic springboard available. I believe that a person’s education is both an individual good, but also a societal good.

Other unique things about me

  • I spent the first sixteen years of my career as a college and pro basketball coach. I’ve worked in twenty+ countries, and got to see many major world events up-close.
  • I’m an immigrant to the United States, and non-citizen, so the immigration world is my world.
  • I’ve worked at eight universities (three private, five public) in my career in six states.
  • I speak at 5-6 regional and national conferences annually about leadership, building culture, fundraising, and effective Foundations.
  • My wife, Hollie, leads the Student Success Initiatives at MSU.
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