Shirley Murray, Student Relations Coordinator

Address: Myers Fieldhouse 124 (MF 124)
Phone: 507-389-5194


  • Butterfield, MN


  • South Central College
  • Rochester Community and Technical College
  • Minnesota State Mankato
  • University of Minnesota

Things we can talk about

Open to any conversation. I’ve worked at MSU for almost 30 years and was a student here previous to that. We can talk about academic issues, involvement opportunities, getting to know people or the community, your choice of major, your family, friends, etc.

I am available for

  • Phone or email conversations
  • Zoom calls
  • Meetings on campus

Why I want to be a Maverick Firsts Advocate

When I started college, there were not as many choices available for careers, and I had very limited ideas of what was possible. I didn’t know how college worked at all, and while my parents were supportive, they were not really able to help me with navigating my college experience. Now, there are endless possibilities, but students often still feel lost about what to choose and how to reach their goals. AND there are many paths to obtain your goals. Also, it’s normal for goals (and careers) to change. Finding people to ask questions of and listen to your thoughts and ideas is so important.

Other information about me

Mankato is definitely home for me and my husband, and I can tell you about many activities and resources in our community. I’m a mom of an adult daughter, as well as a pet-mom to two adorable rescue dogs (well, at least I think they are adorable). I like the outdoors (especially in the spring, summer and fall), traveling, and reading.

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