Name, Logos and Presentations

How to properly use the name and University logos in compliance with brand standards.

University Name

The full name of the University should be used on first reference:

  • Minnesota State University, Mankato

On second and subsequent reference, the shortened name should be:

  • Minnesota State Mankato

Avoid the use of MSU, MNSU, MSUM or any other acronym for our University. Minnesota State Mankato is the preferred shortened name, because it clearly differentiates us from other MSUs and reduces the chance that our audiences will continue to think our name is Mankato State University.

For variety's sake, "the University" can be used in place of Minnesota State Mankato.

University Logos and Mascots

The University's logo can be downloaded in various permitted formats. The full and horizontal logos must be used without distortion of any kind and without screening or patterning. The Trajan font is reserved exclusively for the University's logos.

Please note: both the two-color versions of the full logo and the flame logo must only appear over a background of white. The logos with the gold gradient in the flame are not intended for printing on a background of any color or pattern and may only be used on a solid white background.


They can be used in these versions:

  • two-color version of purple (PMS 269) and gold (PMS 109)
  • one-color version of purple (PMS 269) or black
  • one-color version of gold (PMS 109) on purple (PMS 269)

The flame can be used as a stand-alone graphic element in a variety of ways, as long as the full or horizontal logo or the full University name is used on the cover or front page. The flame can be screened, but it must not be proportionally distorted in any way. For advice on using the flame as a graphic element, contact the Graphics Team in Printing & Photocopying Services.

Protected Area

When using the full logo or the flame logo, it is important that the area surrounding the logo remain free of type or imagery, so that nothing competes with the logo for the viewer's attention. In order to ensure this, the entire logo should not appear closer than half the height of the flame icon to the edge of the paper or to any other typography or artwork as shown in the example below.

Example showing the protected area around all sides of the University logo    Example showing the protected area around all sides of the University flame logo

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos must be designed in consultation with the Graphics Team in Printing & Photocopying Services.

Units of the University should use a well-designed wordmark, using just the unit's name. Secondary logos with graphical symbols can fracture the marketing message by distracting the reader or viewer from remembering your name.

If the secondary logo is used in color, it must contain the University's purple somewhere and should preferably contain both our purple and gold.

If the secondary logo does not contain the University's full name, the University's full name or full logo must appear somewhere on the same cover or front side of a publication.

Download Logos and Wordmarks

Click the button below to browse for images. The folders are setup alphabetically, click on the folder letter that begins with the area name. For example, "B" for College of Business.

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PowerPoint Presentation templates

University Logos

Mascots or Characters

Stomper is the University’s only official mascot. No other mascot or graphical character may be used to represent a program or University entity.

A graphic character, such as a stick figure, animal or cartoon image, becomes a mascot when it is used repetitively over any period of time for marketing related to the University or to represent a program.

In addition to the approved graphical versions of Stomper, you can contact Creative Production at 507-389-1181 for use of existing or customized photographic images of the 3-D Stomper mascot.

University Seal

The University seal appears on Presidential communications, diplomas, academic certificates and other legal documents or products. Use of the seal should be approved in advance through Creative Production at 507-389-1181.

Minnesota State University Mankato seal (permission required to use)

Collaborations and partnerships

When the University is represented in a collaboration, the graphic standards for our name and logo must be observed. When we are the lead in the partnership, the design should reflect that through logo and typeface size and placement.