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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Purchasing Card

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Helen Wenner
Purchasing Card Coordinator


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Prior Approval Notice

To All Purchasing Card Holders:

Message from the MSU, Mankato Comptroller

Effective immediately

Purchases of desktop, notebook/ laptop computers are not permitted on the purchasing card without written prior approval from the MSU Business Office Comptroller. If approval to purchase computers is received, the item must be registered with the university's fixed asset tracking system. Also, if approval is received, please attach a copy of the written prior approval with the receipt reconcilation for auditing purposes.

MSU,Mankato Comptroller is Steve W Smith and he can be reached at 389-5022 or via e-mail

The memorandum of understanding and agreement between MSU, Mankato and the cardholder is being revised to reflect this change in purchasing card processes.


Helen Wenner