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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

HERS Attendee Testimonials

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Michelle Alvarez

"The HERS Wellesley program informed me about current issues in higher education and prompted me to become part of the solution to affordability, accessibility, retention, and completion. My application for an American Council on Education (ACE) Fellowship was far more competitive because of all I learned from HERS. For this I am very grateful!"

Marilyn Hart

"At HERS, I joined a community of 70 women leaders, who were seeking to understand the environment for higher education. I gained an awareness of the challenges of higher education as we respond to local, regional national and global changes. Perhaps most importantly, I began to see myself as a leader of change."

Deborah Jesseman

"I cannot express my gratitude enough for the experience I had while attending the HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute – ‘Class’ of 2008. The knowledge gained was significant but even more important has been the camaraderie of the “HERS Sisterhood”. We still share, via email and if possible in person, triumphs and lessons learned, disappointments and life-changing decisions. It was an opportunity I will never forget. "

Candace Raskin

"As a result of participating in the 2011 HERS Institute I've been able to expand my impact on the development of school leaders in Minnesota.  Through the skills, expertise and support I gained from the HERS Institute faculty and participants I launched and The Institute for Early Career Principals which, currently provides leadership development for 72 sitting early career principals in Minnesota."

Deb Schulz

"I’ve been very fortunate to attend several excellent leadership programs sponsored by MSU and would highly recommend all of them.  However, the best overall career and life changing program was HERS.  The experience was truly transformative and I use the skills I learned on a daily basis."

Kristel Seth

"The HERS Institute had a significant impact in my leadership growth – enhancing existing strengths, developing new skillsets, and introducing valuable resources. The Institute provided an outstanding and wide-breadth of curriculum, in addition to creating a lasting network of professional women. Attending HERS was an honor and provided an essential keystone as I prepare for future leadership possibilities."