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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Hiring Process Guidelines

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Administrators, MSUAASF and IFO - Unclassified New Appointments

It is extremely important to get a new person's employment started in a professional and positive manner. Following the applicable guidelines set forth below will help ensure that individuals feel welcome and can be productive members of the Minnesota State Mankato community.

  1. Unclassified Position Requisition Form (PRF)/Search/Search Waiver

    Complete the Unclassified Position Requisition Form and submit for applicable signatures. Upon approval, conduct a search using the approved search process or attach a completed Search Waiver Form. For MSUAASF and Administrators attach an accurate and up to date position description, position analysis questionnaire (MSUAASF only) (see below) and an organizational chart.

    Minnesota State Administrators MSUAASF
  2. Offer Letter and Terms of Appointment Form

    The Vice President's office will generate the offer letter and terms of appointment form, attaching all necessary forms for the new employee to complete and return.

    Note: Check to see if the individual is also working in another department as this will impact how they are paid. Attach the following documents for all new unclassified employees:

    Note: Official transcripts are required before any individual can be interviewed as a finalist. There are no exceptions.

  3. I-9 Form

    The VP's office should send the individual to the HR office to complete the I-9 form. If the employee will not be working on the Mankato campus, contact Human Resources to determine how to process the I-9. There will be additional HR representatives available at the beginning of the academic year to process I-9 forms for all new faculty.

  4. Unclassified Personnel Documents (UPD)

    The Vice President's office should fill out a UPD Form and obtain the necessary signatures and forward the UPD and all accompanying documents to Human Resources.
    Once the new hire has signed the terms of appointment form and returned it with all new hire paperwork, the Vice President's office will forward to HR the following documents:

    • Terms of Appointment Form
    • Copy of offer letter
    • All completed new hire documents
    • Signed Position Description and Position Analysis Questionnaire (MSUAASF Only)

    In order for an employee to be paid in a timely manner the UPD and noted documents must be processed through Human Resources immediately. Any delay can have significant impact on when the employee receives their first paycheck. It also impacts the employee's ability to access e-mail and obtain a MavCard.

    No employee may work without an appointment letter, a UPD and completed I-9 form which has been processed through Human Resources.

  5. Finalized Appointment Document (View Sample Document)

    Human Resources will key all the information provided from the UPD and accompanying paperwork into the SCUPPS system. They will generate a finalized appointment document which details the assignment, appointment status, rank and contracted salary for each new employee.

    Human Resources will send the SCUPPS generated finalized appointment document to the appropriate office for review and distribution.