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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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IFO - Unclassified Reappointments

IFO faculty members that are on the IFO salary schedule and are tenured, probationary or non-tenure track are reappointed yearly to establish their assignment and pay for the following fiscal year.

Two and four year fixed term athletic appointments are included in this process unless they are at the end of their current appointment. When athletic appointments are being renewed for another term, they are processed as a new employee.

Fixed-term faculty and adjuncts are not reappointed in this process.

  1. Reappointment Data Base (View Sample Layout)

    Academic Affairs provides a data base for each college unit which includes the assignment attributes for the faculty members in their area.

    The Dean's Office will access the database, enter any additional assignment information and make changes as needed to reflect the workload assignment, percent of time, duty days and related cost accounting for the upcoming fiscal year.

    The Dean's Office then generates the individual reappointment documents from the database and approves them and forwards to Academic Affairs.

    NOTE: After the documents are approved by Academic Affairs, they are considered certified and cannot be changed. Any subsequent changes must be processed on a UPD.

    Academic Affairs then forwards the reappointment documents to Human Resources for review, coding and entry to the personnel system.

  2. Finalized Appointment Document (View Sample Document)

    Human Resources will key all the information provided from the reappointment documents into the SCUPPS system. They will generate a finalized appointment document which details the assignment, appointment status, rank and contracted salary for each faculty member.

    Human Resources will send the SCUPPS generated finalized appointment document to the appropriate Dean's Office for review and distribution to their faculty or to the appropriate Vice President, if not an academic college unit.