MavLEARN is the Maverick Learning and Educational Applied Research Nexus. Learn research-based strategies for student engagement, teaching practice, assessment and feedback, learning theories, course design, and more.

Teaching Strategies

Our Teaching Strategies series provides a deeper look at a variety of teaching strategies and their implications for classroom use. Each strategy is also supported by a lesson plan template to guide you through classroom implementation.

Assessment and Feedback Strategies

The Assessment and Feedback Strategies series will provide you with a range of techniques and methods you can use in your classes to evaluate your students and provide them with meaningful feedback.

Learning Theories

How do people learn? Why do some students perform better in groups than others? Why do some students seem self-motivated? How do I address all of their needs in the classroom?

MavLEARN Archive

Our MavLEARN archive contains archived informational articles for reference purposes only. Note that some documents refer to technologies and services that may be retired or may not be supported.