Grind-Fu Cinema Returns!

See two insane action movies for free on April 30th

March 29, 2022 |






                                               THE RETURN OF GRIND-FU CINEMA!

Saturday, April 30th @ 7:00pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato

We just survived a pledge drive and a marathon, and...well, we've been surviving a heck of a lot in recent years! We need Grind-Fu Cinema now more than ever! Join us on April 30th for the kick off of what will HOPEFULLY be a full season of weird, wild, and wonderful movies. We'll be showing an old favorite and introducing one of the weirdest Kung Fu movies you've ever seen, so you won't want to miss it.


The Guy From Harlem (1977)
Directed by Rene Martinez Jr.

Few Grind-Fu movies have received as strong a response as The Guy From Harlem did after the first time we screened it.  The second the movie ended we had movie goers telling us we had to show it again!  That was in 2011, and we've shown it every year since.  Why?  Because it is so insanely bad that it becomes great.  The Guy From Harlem is one of the worst action films ever made.  From the wooden acting to the terribly choreographed fight scenes, it fails to deliver at every turn  The lack of quality on any level is its strong point, and that's why we're proud to show it over and over again!

The Guy From Harlem has earned a whopping 2.4 out of 10 stars on IMDB.  A review by Robert I. Hedges said "The film is technically horrendous: It is terribly written, poorly acted, and has essentially no production values... the technical aspects of the film match the artistic elements, and I can't recommend this film to anyone for any reason".  BUT DON'T TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT!  See for yourself on April 30th!

The Dragon Lives Again (1977)
Directed by Law Kei

This is one of the weirdest Martial Arts films you will ever see. Actually, this is one of the weirdest movies you'll ever see. Period. The story involves Bruce Lee dying and going to hell, where he teams up with Popeye and Caine from Kung Fu to fight Dracula, The Godfather, Clint Eastwood, James Bond, and more. If you're saying "FINALLY!" after reading that description, then you're gonna have to go to this Grind-Fu. You won't believe your eyes.


Did we mention that Grind-Fu Cinema double features are free?  Don't cost nuthin' except your time and a willingness to have fun at the movies.  Bring your friends, bring snacks, dress in layers (because that theater can be a world of temperature extremes) and get ready to settle in for a wild night of movies on April 30th!

                                                          I'm the new boy in town! Where can I go?



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