Shelley Pierce

Address: AF 205
Phone: 507-389-5678

Shuffle Function Morning Show (Monday-Friday, 6-9 a.m.)

Shuffle Function Morning Show hosts Shyboy Tim & Shelley get up at an insane time of day to do the one thing they love more than anything: Play radio. Tune in for either too much talk or too much music, as well as discussions about movies, television, books, Bigfoot, and the meaning of life. Occasionally they shower, but mostly they make radio. Results may vary. You can also hear Shuffle Function Thursday nights at six on 89.7 the Maverick.

Shuffle Function Nighttime Edition (Thursday, 6-7 p.m.)

Shuffle Function hosts Shyboy Tim and Shelley launched their show in 2001, and they have spent the majority of their time since using it as an excuse to buy too many records. Their mission: play music, have fun, and hope that someone is listening. No musician is too obscure, no movie is too weird, and no joke is too immature. Remember, nobody plays fewer hits than Shuffle Function! You can also hear Shyboy Tim & Shelley weekday mornings from six to nine a.m. on 89.7 the Maverick.

I also curate the Minnesota Music Channel which you can hear on HD radio or streaming on the KMSU app. The MMC plays all Minnesota music all the time, and local music every 15 minutes. If you are a Minnesota band we would love to add your music to the MMC library. Please email me at All genres of music are welcome!

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