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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Music for the Non-Major

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You don't have to be a music major to participate in music!  Whether you are wanting to find courses to meet graduation requirements, looking for an ensemble to participate in, or just want to hang out with musicians, we can help you.

If you enjoyed singing or playing an instrument in high school, why don't you continue doing so in your university studies?  It gives you a break from your studies, and gives you an opportunity to make new friends.  All ensembles are open to any student on campus, and enrollment in them can be used to meet General Education requirements of Goal Area 11.

If you are curious about music, we offer several courses in General Education that offer an opportunity to explore areas that interest you.

  • MUS 120 Introduction to Music (3 credits)

This class covers a wide range ofmusical topics, including the Classical tradition from its beginnings in the Great Cathedrals and courts of Europe, to the exciting film scores and video game soundtracks of the present day.  Beethoven was the wild revolutionary of his era. This course looks at how and why.  This course meets Goal Area 6 of the General Education curriculum.  It meets every semester, as well as most summer sessions.

  • MUS 125 Pop Music USA, Jazz to Country to Blues to Broadway (3 credits)

Pop Music is a multi-billion dollar industry today.  What is it, and where did it come from?  Learn about the origins of jazz in the music of African-Americans, its growth from Dixieland through the Big Band era (with the contributions of performers like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington) to its influences on musical styles in the present day.  Why does Country Music sound the way it does and talk about certain things over and over again? This course shows you why! This course meets Goal Areas 6 & 7, as well as the Diverse Cultures - Purple requirement.  It meets in the fall semester, as well as some summer sessions.

  • MUS 126 Pop Music USA, R&B to MTV

Rock music has fans in every country and in every culture.  It really is a "universal" language, but it didn't start that way.  It began as black Rhythm and Blues in the 40's, and through to the present, minority groups have and a major influence on the music. R&B, Heavy Metal, Disco, Rap, Folk Rock and Techno.  Its all here. This course meets Goal Areas 6 & 7, as well as the Diverse Cultures - Purple requirement.  It meets in the fall semester, as well as some summer sessions.

  • MUS 328 - Music of the World (online)

Explore the musics of the world and the cultures that they come from.  Participation in musical events on and/or off-campus is required--but students who have taken the class tell us that those events (concerts/festivals/celebrations) bring the course content to life.  This course meets Goal Areas 6 & 8 as well as the Diverse Cultures - Gold requirement.  It is offered every semester, as well as some summer sessions.

  • MUS 329 - Women in Music

Explore the role of women composers, performers, educators, and administrators in Western Art Music.  This courses meets the Diverse Cultures - Purple requirement.


Please refer to the Minnesota State University Mankato Undergraduate Bulletin for complete information on the university's general education requirements for undergraduate degree programs.

If you have any questions, stop by the Music Office (PA 202), or e-mail the Chair of the Department of Music, John Lindberg (