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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Joshua Preiss

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Associate Professor of Philosophy

  • B.A. Gustavus Adolphus College, Ph.D. University of Chicago
  • Specialties in Moral and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Economics


Joshua Preiss is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the Director of the Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at Minnesota State University. His current research is in moral and political philosophy and the philosophy of economics, in particular, theories of equality, justice and personal responsibility, ethics and economics, freedom (including normative conceptions of free exchange), institutional approaches to diversity, and the philosophy of race, class, and gender. His paper "Global Labor Justice and the Limits of Economic Analysis" was a finalist for Best Paper in Business Ethics for 2014, as voted on by the editorial board of Business Ethics Quarterly. Preiss has presented at such institutions as the University of Chicago, Oxford University, the University of Minnesota, Roskilde University (Denmark), the University of Edinburgh, the University of Lisbon, Queens University Belfast, Utrecht University (Netherlands), Jesuit University in Krakow (Poland), Fatih University (Turkey), and the Winter Institute for Economics and Public Affairs. His work has appeared in such journals as Public Affairs Quarterly, Ethics, Basic Income Studies, Business Ethics Quarterly, Social Theory and Practice, Res Publica, the European Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy & Social Criticism, and the Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy.

For 2016-2017, Preiss will be Visiting Professor of Political Theory, The Political Theory Project, at Brown University, where he will be completing a manuscript on "Freedom and Responsibility in Winner-Take-All Societies."

Click here for a recent discussion of American economic inequality featuring Professor Preiss and economists Robert Frank, Steve Horwitz, and Nikolai Wenzel.

Representative Publications

  • "Libertarian Personal Responsibility: On the Ethics, Practice, and American Politics of Personal Responsibility," Philosophy & Social Criticism (Forthcoming)
  • "The Ethics and Economics of Command-and-Control Environmental Policy" In The Routledge Companion to Environmental Ethics (Forthcoming)
  • "Milton Friedman on Freedom and the Negative Income Tax," Basic Income Studies (December 2015)
  • "Global Labor Justice and the Limits of the Economic Analysis," Business Ethics Quarterly (January 2014)
  • "Milton Friedman, Amartya Sen, and the American Politics of Left and Right" in Left and Right, The Great Dichotomy Revisited (Oxford Scholars Press, October 2013)
  • "American Inequality and the Idea of Personal Responsibility," Public Affairs Quarterly (October 2012)
  • "Multiculturalism and Equal Human Dignity," Res Publica (May 2011)
  • "Disadvantage and an American Society of Equals," Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (January 2011)