Brand Standards


Our goal as we represent Minnesota State Mankato in print and online is Communicating with Pride. These brand standards will help you do exactly that. They’re designed to help the University community understand and embrace the brand as they communicate about Minnesota State Mankato.

The Bare Minimum

To help bring clarity to the requirements for compliance with brand standards, we have developed "The Bare Minimum" guidelines.

The Bare Minimum

Printed Materials

Brand standards on publications and photographs for University printed materials—including required statements.

Printed Materials

Electronic Communications

Brand standards for electronic communications—including websites, apps, social media, video and electronic ads.

Electronic Communications

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University Brand Refresh

Minnesota State University, Mankato’s new suite of logos, refreshed tagline and message platform and updated visual elements align with its position as a top choice for prospective students.

Brand Standards Basics

This website is the official documentation of the University's graphic standards. It is not a tedious manual, but a short, streamlined set of standards that focuses on the key elements of how to project the Minnesota State Mankato brand.

Name, Logos and Presentations

How to properly use the name and University logos in compliance with brand standards.

Official Colors

The Minnesota State Mankato color palette unifies our communications and is a powerful tool for building brand recognition.

Printed Materials

University Creative Production is the preferred source for University printed materials. If you choose to work with an outside printer on a project, you must complete and submit the off-campus printing and merchandise approval form to receive approval.

Electronic Communications

Brand standards apply to all electronic communications created by entities of the University. This includes websites, apps, social media, video and electronic ads.

Licensing, Merchandise and Apparel

The University's Creative Production office is the preferred source for branded merchandise, apparel and employee work shirts. If you choose to work with a licensed outside vendor to produce any of these products, you must complete and submit an off-campus merchandise request to receive approval.

Vacancy Advertising

All vacancy ads must use one of two downloadable headers, depending on the space available.