Graphic Standards Guide

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Communicating With Pride

Our goal as we represent Minnesota State Mankato in print and online is Communicating with Pride. These graphic standards will help you do exactly that. They're designed to help every staff member responsible for communications to produce coherent, consistent and engaging print publications and websites.

We have chosen not to issue a printed set of graphic standards, since that format is expensive and very difficult to keep up-to-date. So please bookmark this website — this is where any changes will be registered. This is not a tedious manual, but a short, streamlined set of standards that focuses on the key elements of how to project the Minnesota State Mankato brand.

The standards state what is acceptable practice for a few key aspects of our communications. With only one exception, they do not cite examples of unacceptable practice, since the point of any standards is to focus on what is acceptable. In other words, you can assume that if a certain graphical use is not described here, it is not acceptable.

If you have any questions about these standards, please contact one or more of the following sources of support:

Application of these standards

These standards apply to all University-funded publications, websites, apparel and other merchandise. That includes flyers, posters and other marketing materials produced within the University.

Outside printers and designers must also follow these guidelines when they produce work for the University. If an outside design firm has any questions regarding these guidelines, they should consult with the Graphics Team in Printing & Photocopying Services.