The Odyssey
Nov. 11-14 & 18-21, 2010

Directed by Paul J. Hustoles
Scene Design by Tom Bliese
Costume Design by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Steven Smith
Music composed and designed by Michael Croswell


DCOdyssey DCOdyssey
Left: Department Chair Paul J. Hustoles greets alum Mick Coughlan in Washington, D.C., before
The Odyssey was performed at the Kennedy Center on April 21, 2011. Also pictured are
Hustoles' wife, Mary Jo, and grandson, Henry.

Right: Scene Designer Emeritus Tom Bliese (cranberry jacket) and wife Harriet enjoy the buffet
before the performance.

DCOdyssey DCOdyssey
Left: Coughlan and the Blieses chat.

Right: Spring graduate and KCACTF Stage Management award winner Matthew A. Gilbertson,
2010 lighting design alum Benji Inniger, Coughlan and 2001 lighting design alum Travis Richardson,
display a decade of program success.

DCOdyssey DCOdyssey
Left: Mary Jo Hustoles (in the blue) talks with Barb and Cohlman Rutschow, mother and brother
of Clayton, who played Odysseus.

DCOdyssey DCOdyssey
Left: Coughlan and alum Shane Solomon catch up with Bliese.

Right: Costume Designer David McCarl with alum Lucy Hinton.

Minnesota State Mankato President Richard Davenport came out and here speaks
with Paul Hustoles and his parents.

College of Arts and Humanities Dean Walter Zakahi addresses
those in attendance. Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Robyn Goldy, who coordinated the alumni event at Rivers at
the Watergate, looks on.


Modeling shirts made for the trip are Assistant Stage Manager Rachel Lantow,
"Hermes" actor Joe Crook and, passing by, scene designer emeritus Tom Bliese.

DCOdyssey DCOdyssey
Using the steamer to get as many wrinkles out as possible are backstage crew member
Lauren Mikeal Parsons and "Eumaeus" actor Joey West.

DCOdyssey DCOdyssey
Located in the back of the theatre are the one-two sound punch of Mike Croswell,
composer/designer, and Curtis Fliegel, soundboard operator.

DCOdyssey DCOdyssey
Left, properties master Naoko Ishizuka pulls Laertes' plants from the stage right props box while,
right, she works with actors Laura Thaisen, "Eurycleia," and Joe Crook, "Hermes," to
make sure the stands for poles are secure.

Photographs by Mike Lagerquist

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