Greg Wilkins, Associate Director of Student Activities (On Sabbatical until July 2023)

Address: 173 Centennial Student Union
Phone: 507-389-6076

Greg has worked at colleges and universities across the United States in North Carolina, Ohio, California, Florida, Minnesota, Washington state and Washington, D.C. He has received numerous awards and honors across the country as well in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Thailand. He serves as the Associate Director of the Centennial Student Union and Student Activities.

Greg has a passion for social justice mirrored with his work abroad and in the United States such as: ending landmine proliferation, promoting HIV/AIDS education and IV needle exchange programs, social justice concerns, and assisting non-governmental organizations. His passion for learning and empowering others has received him accolades and special recognition from his peers around the globe. 

Greg spent his 2015-16 sabbatical visiting 16 universities and teaching 18 seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Bangladesh as well as working with indigenous communities and completing a rainforest project in Borneo. In 2014, he spent a month in Chile and Argentina teaching as well as working in the Andes and Patagonia with forest and land management projects. He has traveled throughout Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam viewing UNESCO World Heritage sites and teaching English in Buddhist monastaries as well as orphanges. He has volunteered in Guatemala for Spring Break, has built turtle habitats for sea turtles in Nicaragua, and tropical reforestation in Costa Rica as well as Australia. His interests have led him to Russia with students and faculty for a cross cultural education exchange as well as to Thailand regarding human trafficking. Yes, he loves world travel!

In addition Greg has worked at the Smithsonian Institution at the Museum of American Art, the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC, lobbied the U.S. Congress on sexual orientation and gender/identity equality with the Human Rights Campaign, raised over a million dollars for undergraduate scholarships, and completed two Olympics (1988, Seoul, Korea–Equestrian Intern, and 1996, Olympic Village Supervisor for Athlete Services). He has also assisted the Governor of North Carolina as an Ombudsman for stays of execution, completed work as a counselor for the Army Navy Academy in California, and has performed with and assisted global entertainers and performers of international acclaim.

As he is noted as saying, "Create a life of change impacting the lives of  the one or the many."

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