Navigate The Processes

Applying For Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid means applying for loans, grants, scholarships and work-study. All students are encourage to apply for financial aid. The sooner you do after October 1st of each year, the better availability of funds. 

Check Your Financial Aid Status

Check what stage your financial aid is at.

Accepting Your Financial Aid Awards

Accept, reduce or decline certain types of financial aid you have been awarded (work-study and/or loans) and inform the University about other financial resources you have available (scholarships, third-party funds, etc.). Complete additional acceptance steps to receive work-study employment and/or loan funds.

Registration Cancellation for Non Payment

Students must meet tuition & fee minimum payment requirements by the published registration guarantees dates each semester or they will be administratively dropped from all registered courses. Verify status on e-services and monitor email notices to ensure enrollment is secure. Students need to drop courses or officially withdraw by the 5th day of the semester to prevent financial obligation; non-attendance does not automatically remove tuition & fee charges.

Paying Your Bill

There are a variety of ways to pay for your tuition and fees, room and board and other charges that you have at the University.

Dropping Courses

Academic and financial considerations vary depending on when you drop or add classes. Dropping a course or courses is different than Official Withdrawal.

Official Withdrawal

Official Withdrawal is defined as terminating enrollment in all registered courses for an academic semester at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Learn more about the financial and academic considerations of this decision.