Letters of Recommendation

Contact Information: Your letterhead or inside address should contain your name, your title or position, company or personal address, and area code and phone number. If you do not have letterhead, just use a white sheet of paper and make sure you include your inside address and/or identifying information in the letter.
Address the letter "To Whom It May Concern".

Background Information: The first paragraph should state the full name of the individual you are writing about, your relationship, and the length of time you have known the candidate. This will give some indication as to your ability to make judgments about the individual.

Experience: The next paragraph should present evidence about the person's qualifications. Express how the candidate performed in your class, on-the-job, in an organization or contributed to extracurricular/volunteer activities, etc.

Added Support: This paragraph should describe the candidate's experience and skills. Be as specific as possible. Some examples might be coordinating events, organizing people/events, analyzing data, communicating effectively, managing time effectively, and demonstrated leadership.

Characteristics: This paragraph should highlight positive qualities you observe in the individual and emphasize his/her characteristics that are unique. What makes this person stand out? Some suggestions are appearance/dresses appropriately, dependability, personal initiative, ability to get along with others.

Wrap It Up: The final paragraph should end the letter on a positive note. Tell the recipient that it is an honor or a privilege to recommend this individual for a position that he/she is qualified to fulfill. Let the reader know that they can contact you if further information is necessary.

Closing/Signature/Title: Close the letter with "Sincerely". Put your name and full title on the letter and make sure you sign it.Return your letter of recommendation in a sealed envelope to the candidate for whom it is written.