Peer Panel Program

What are peer panels?

The LGBT Center offers Peer Panels to raise awareness and discuss the gravity of homophobia and heterosexism that exists on the MSU campus, while breaking the stereotypes and reducing stigma that affects the LGBT* community. The panels consist of student volunteers who are committed to making our campus safer for all individuals.

The panelists share personal stories of coming out and give insight into their personal experiences as members of the LGBT* and/or ally community. Following their individual stories, the panelists will field questions that are submitted anonymously by the audience. While most topics are eligible to be discussed, each individual panelist has the right to choose whether or not to answer a question.

Panelists are not experts in the field of LGBT* issues and can only speak to their own experiences. Requests for presentations beyond coming out stories and a panelists' personal experiences should be made to the LGBT Center directly.

When do I request a panel?

To request a panel for your class or other group just fill out request below. Please submit your request at LEAST 2 weeks in advance! The LGBT Center will make every opportunity to provide a panel, but panel availability is not always guaranteed. Panels will ONLY be available during the following times:

  • mid-September through mid-November
  • late-January through mid-April

Request a Panel

What if I only need one person to come and speak to my class?

If you are only seeking a one person speaker, please contact our graduate assistant.