Get Your Meds Mailed to You

As a part of adjusting to Covid-19 and the services we provide, the Pharmacy has added a prescription and OTC mail-out service for registered students.  Our goal is to give students the option to receive prescriptions and OTC medications through the mail for a nominal fee. 

To get your medications mailed to you, all it takes is a phone call:  507-389-2483, option 5 to talk to a Pharmacy staff member.

  • Prescription medication and OTC medication can be mailed out for a flat fee of $4.00*
  • If multiple medications are ordered, they are packaged together, and the fee is still $4.00*
  • Medication cost or co-pay and the $4.00 flat fee will be billed to the student e-services account. **
  • If charges cannot be billed to the student eservices account, we can accept and enter credit card information over the phone for payment. Credit card information will not be stored or kept on file.
  • The order should be received in 2-3 days. The student will receive an email approx 6 hours after the prescription is processed.  This email will contain a tracking number from the US postal service that can be used to check on the progress of the order.
  • To ensure accuracy of information and privacy compliance, students must call each time they would like a medication mailed to them, regardless of the number of refills remaining.  Our staff will verify address, payment, and email address on each order by phone only.  No email or voicemail requests for medication mail delivery will be accepted.
  • Certain Schedule II meds may not be available to mail across all state lines. 
*Some limits apply.  Heavier items may be charged more. A text notification will sent if the heavier items charge is $5 or more. 
**International Student Health Insurance does not cover the $4.00 mailing fee.  $4.00 will be applied to the student e-services account.