McElroy E & F Hall Renovation

McElroy E Hall Closes for Renovation in December 2018; F Hall Under Renovation Summer 2019

October 18, 2018 |

Renovation Timeline

December 16, 2018 E Hall closes for renovation.
Spring 2019 F Hall is open and occupied.
Summer 2019 F Hall closes for renovation. E Hall renovation complete.
Fall 2019 E and F Halls open as Renovated halls.

What Renovation Entails

The renovation includes the addition of through-wall air-conditioning in each student room and the replacement of the original radiators with new units that allow in-room heating control (+/- 2 degrees).

Both E and F Hall are currently offered at the Basic room rate; both halls will re-open at the Renovated room rate in August 2019. Renovations of this scope have previously been performed in Crawford A/B/D Halls, McElroy H Hall, and Preska I Hall. These renovations are funded by Residential Life reserves. Previous comparable renovations have been well-received by students.

Why we are renovating

More students are requesting air conditioning and other amenities when they reserve housing. Also, E and F Halls need new windows. The north side of these buildings have endured over 50 years of northern wind. In order to replace the windows, the through-wall air conditioning must first be installed below the windows. The windows will be replaced in a future, one-summer project.

Why didn't the University renovate in the summer?

Past experience with this renovation work in Crawford A/B/D Halls, McElroy H Hall, and Preska I Hall has demonstrated that the work takes longer than one summer to complete.

Why were students allowed to move into E Hall, only to make them move out in December?

All residence hall spaces were needed in August to house incoming students. Traditionally, a number of students will decide to leave the University after the first semester each year. Using data from past years, it was determined that there is enough space to house all residents in the spring semester while E Hall is off-line for renovation.

Did you notify students you were closing E Hall in December?

In spring 2018, we notified then-current residents who requested to live in McElroy E Hall (for fall 2018) of the December closure and the $300 spring room credit. New students were notified of the December closure and $300 room credit during the room selection process, before selecting their fall rooms.

Are E Hall students allowed to move off campus?

The Housing Contract is for a full academic year. The closing of E Hall for renovation is not grounds to be released from the residence hall contract. There is space throughout the residence halls to accommodate E Hall residents.

How do current residents pick another room?

E Hall residents may make a room change any time to a different space on campus. Residential Life will be sharing information with E Hall residents on initiatives to aid them in finding a spring semester space.

Can E Hall roommates stay together during the move?

If E Hall roommates want to stay together, Stadium Heights offers the best opportunity for this (and spaces are available now). There are not currently places for two students to move to the same room in Crawford, McElroy, Julia Sears, or Preska. Students who do not plan to be enrolled in January will request a contract release and move out in December. It is possible (although unlikely) that these departures will result in completely empty rooms. Anticipated vacancies will be offered in the November 28-29 E Hall Renovation Room Change Days.

When can E Hall students move?

In an email and hard-copy letter shared with E Hall residents on October 8, residents were provided with the options below to move. Residents may choose from any of the options listed below.

  • Option 1: October 8-12

E Hall students may make a room change this week (through Friday, October 12). To move this week, students should go to the Residential Life Office (111 Carkoski Commons) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Students may select from approximately 150 available spaces and move by Monday, October 15. We will provide moving supplies (boxes, tape, and wardrobe boxes) to assist with your move.

  • Option 2: October 15 - November 16

E Hall students may make a room change through our regular room change process. To begin the room change process, setup a meeting with Rudy Correa, McElroy Student Services Coordinator. Rudy can be contacted at 507-389-2733 or Students may also schedule an appointment with Rudy at the McElroy Front Desk.  He will assist students in finding a new room.

  • Option 3: After Thanksgiving

Students may move at the end of the semester. To do this, students should go to the Residential Life Office during E Hall Renovation Room Change Days on November 28 and 29. Select from available spaces and move by Sunday, December 16. Specific information about E Hall Renovation Room Change Days will be shared with students in the coming weeks.

Will E Hall students pay a higher rate when they move?

As an E Hall resident, residents are paying the Basic room rate. It’s reasonable to be concerned about a higher rate in a different room type. In recognition of this inconvenience and to defray room change expenses, a $175 Fall Room Credit was recently posted to E Hall resident accounts. A $300 Spring Room Credit will be posted in late January before spring bills are due. For a few ideas on how this room credit will affect a student, see below.


Move to a Renovated double room or a Stadium Heights double room and the $300 credit will be applied to the $292 semester price difference. $8 will be credited to a student's account.


Look for another Basic room (Crawford C Hall, McElroy F or G Halls). The $300 credit will be applied to the student's account. If a student's university balance is zero, they will receive a check for $300.


If a student moves to a double semi-suite (Julia Sears or Preska J/K/L Halls), the $300 credit will be applied to the $839 semester price difference. A student would pay the $539 difference.