Environmental Committee Subcommittees

Sustainability Director Subcommittee (New)

The committee is interested in pursuing the development of a sustainability director position. The next steps the committee will investigate is a job description and models for funding from other campuses.

Composting Subcommittee (Chair: Anne Ludvik)

With the construction of the new dining center and its composting infrastructure, this subcommittee is investigating possibilities for expanding composting in other areas of campus.

Bike Friendly Campus Subcommittee (Chair: Gary Urban)

The Bike Friendly Campus initiative attempts to improve alternatives to automobile transportation by promoting bike use on campus.

CAP Subcommittee (Chair: Lou Schwartzkopf)

This committee is responsible for supervising the Climate Action Plan, developing promotional materials and events associated with aspects of the plan and significant milestones. The committee also prepares yearly progress reports.

Earth Day Subcommittee

Earth Day is a yearly event in April to promote sustainable living on the planet. Since Earth Day typically arrives very near the end of the academic year, the Earth Day events may span the month of April to better facilitate promoting sustainability on campus. The Earth Day Subcommittee determines the nature of the events to be planned for the month of April, and can be very creative in the range of activities possible.

Bee Friendly Campus Subcommittee

The Bee Friendly Campus initiative is designed to incorporate elements of the Campus Sustainability Plan 2010-2035 by devoting land space to the natural landscape (Land Use, Goal 5; Green Campus, Goal 2). The committee endeavors to establish native pollinator species to facilitate bee habitats.

Recyclemania Subcommittee (Currently inactive)

Recyclemania is a nationwide contest judging recycling efforts on campus in a variety of categories. This committee is responsible for supervising the execution of the Recyclemania contest which includes preparation, data collection, publicity, and identifying volunteers for the “Game Day” basketball event.

Marketing Subcommittee (Created our logo, but currently inactive)

The Environment Committee is attempting to develop a consistent brand and message for communicating the tasks, events, and accomplishments of the Committee. The consistent brand will also be used in all marketing materials related to Committee activities. The Marketing Subcommittee works closely with Media Relations to develop the Committee brand and facilitate marketing of the Committee’s message.

Fundraising Subcommittee (Currently inactive)

To help maintain the balance in the Environmental Foundation account, this subcommittee will develop and carry out fundraising events for the committee.