What We Do

Mavericks for Sustainability is a collection of University efforts for sustainability.


Carbon Footprint, Climate Action Plan, Sustainability Fund, Guaranteed Energy Savings Programs and more.

Environmental Committee

The committee that meets and manages sustainability events and programs across the Minnesota State Mankato campus.


Course listings within each of the Colleges related to environment and sustainability. 


Departments across the University related to environment and sustainability.

Applied Research Centers

Research centers within the College of Science, Engineering & Technology

Urban and Regional Studies Institute (URSI)

The Urban and Regional Studies Institute is for students inspired by the idea of improving cities, towns and communities through strong and experienced leadership

Water Resource Center

The Water Resources Center is a regional center for environmental research and information exchange. We work to improve water resources in southern Minnesota through applied research,  planning, educational programming, and community engagement.

Automotive Engineering Technology Labs

The AET Program teaches theory, communication, research, and technical skills using lecture, group projects, and lab assignments. Innovative teaching methods and new technology applications require continuous updating of facilities.

EARTH Systems Laboratory

An interdisciplinary lab of scientific research that brings together Earth Science, Archeology, and Physical Geography. Research center for addressing both theoretical and applied scientific questions related to cultural heritage preservation, human-environment interactions, soils, erosional processes (e.g. rivers, glaciers, and wind), climate change, environmental change, natural hazards (e.g. landslides), and more.