Student Portfolios

Honors students demonstrate key competencies and showcase their personal, professional, and academic development through their portfolios. Portfolios allow students to chart their progress, reflect on their learning, and demonstrate their honors experience to prospective graduate schools and employers.

Current Students

In Progress Portfolios

Naomi Kinney Naomi Kinney '24
Major: Biomedical Science
Roshit Nirula Roshit Niraula '25
Major: Computer Science
Allyson Zuleger Allyson Zuleger '25
Major: Special Education and ASL Certificate
James Hawco James Hawco '25
Major: Biomedical Science
Kiera Laney Kiera Laney '26
Major: Management and Finance


Completed Portfolios

Makenzie Reed Makenzie Reed '22
Major: Biology with a Zoology emphasis
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Muna Awel Muna Awel '22
Major: Biochemistry
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Alim Nigmatjonov Alim Nigmatjonov '22
Major: Finance - Investment Analysis
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Nevaeh Braucks Nevaeh Braucks '23
Major: Theatre Arts Generalist
Finley Alexander Finley Alexander '23
Major: Theatre Design and Technology