Crisstill Duaso, Dental Hygiene LCC


Welcome… I’m your LCC, Crisstill Duaso!

I am so excited to meet all of you in the fall! I will be a resource for you as you navigate through your first year of college here at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Being involved with the Dental Hygiene Learning Community will help you academically as well as socially, so utilize me and your peers as much as you can!

Major: Dental Hygiene and Advanced Dental Therapy

How/what made you decide this major?

I wanted to major in Dental Hygiene/Dental Therapy because it’s the perfect fit for what I’m looking for in a job! I knew I wanted to be in the health field, but I didn’t want to be a nurse or a doctor working very long hours away from family. Also, I’ve always enjoyed being at my dentist appointments when I was younger and my interest in pursuing it as a career grew over the years!

Year in School: Junior 

Hometown: I was born in Cebu City, Philippines and came to Willmar, Minnesota when I was 5 and spent a lot of my childhood there.

Favorite Food: Filipino Egg Rolls (Lumpia) – specifically my dad’s (they’re the best EVER!)

Advice for LC Students: I was in your shoes a few years ago, so I know exactly how you’re feeling. My job is to make you feel more comfortable and help relieve those worries and stress that you may be feeling. Everything will be okay! :)

Smartest thing you ever did/best decision you ever made: Some smart things I did was push myself to study on those days that I didn’t want to because it definitely helped on my exams. Also, getting myself involved with learning communities and extracurriculars that helped boost some important skills. 

Favorite thing about MSU: All the fun events that happen throughout the year!!

Campus/LC Involvement: I was a part of the Dental Hygiene Learning Community my first year and became an LCC my sophomore year, so this is my 2nd year being an LCC

Favorite thing to do in Mankato: Going to the mall or other places to shop when I have money!

Favorite things to do outside of school/coursework: I enjoy being with my friends and traveling when I’m not in school!!

Anything else we should know about you? I love watching movies, meeting new friends, and helping people! :)

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