Interested in finding people who are like you to become your friends? Want to be successful in your coursework at Minnesota State University? A Learning Community is for you! Learning Communities are groups of students who have something in common, take courses together on campus, and have opportunities for weekly events and study sessions together. Each group also has an upper-class peer mentor that helps the group learn about campus and provides support for you to be successful socially and academically.

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What is a Learning Community

Learning Communities are an opportunity for you to Live, Learn, Connect and Succeed with others like you. You are introduced to different resources and participate in events created for your community.

Learning Communities for First Year Students

You Get One "First Year" You're only a first-year student once so make the most of it! First-Year Learning Communities are designed to help you "find your people" early in your first year.

Learning Communities for Upper-Class Students

Learning Communities are for more than just first year students. Upper-class Learning Communities provide you with academic and social support that leads to success!

Learning Communities Resources

Learn more about Learning Community students, the coordinators, what students get out of a learning community, and how to get hired as a coordinator!

Learning Community Information for Faculty And Staff

Faculty members involved with Learning Communities have the opportunity to support student success! Getting involved with students directly in a smaller group, like Learning Communities, helps students feel like more than just a number.