Learning Community Course Registration

Pre-Registration for Learning Community Courses

As a Learning Community student you will be pre-registered in the learning community courses associated with your Learning Community. This is a benefit to you! Just think you will know other people in your classes immediately. (Only courses listed as courses in the Learning Community.)

Permission Is Required to Drop Any Learning Community Course

If you are registered for a Learning Community Section of a course (Section 40-55 usually), you will need to contact the Learning Community office for permission to drop this course.

You may ask why? Part of being in a Learning Community is understanding the resources on campus, so we require permission for you to drop courses, so that we can be assured you talked to an academic advisor and understand the consequences to dropping a course.

Fall Course Registration

Registration for your full semester courses will take place while you meet with your advisor for registration and advising.

  • You will be pre-registered for the fall courses before you meet with your advisor or you can register for the Learning Community while you are meeting with an advisor.
  • When you register with your advisor, they will assist you in making changes to the Learning Community courses and/or add additional courses to your schedule.

Spring Course Registration

As a Learning Community student, you will be pre-registered in the Learning Community courses before your registration window opens (lack of participation could result in spring learning community course registration not being guaranteed).

  • Your LCC will provide you with a sample spring schedule.
  • Your advisor will also see a copy of your sample spring schedule.
  • Meet with your assigned academic advisor.
  • Review the course schedule provided and talk about additional courses you should add to your schedule.
  • Should you choose to DROP any of the courses that are part of the Learning Community, your advisor will make those notes in MavConnect and you will be dropped from those courses.
  • Register for the additional courses recommended by your advisor when your registration window opens.
  • If you do not meet with an advisor, you will be registered for all Learning Community courses and then permission will need to be obtained to drop the courses when you can register.