Learning Community Student Requirements

Students get out of a Learning Community what they put into it! 

As part of the enrollment process, you have agreed to:
• actively participate in Learning Community programs and study groups.
• participate in your Learning Community courses.
• get to know faculty members at faculty events outside the classroom. 
• participate in the Make A Difference service project.
• maintain an open mind about new experiences and ideas.
• have a respectful attitude to those in the community, as well as non-community members.

Students are not allowed to "drop" the Learning Community, as being enrolled means you have taken a seat in courses from another student.  If after two weeks of classes, and being involved in the Learning Community, you do not see the value, reach out to the Director of Learning Communities to schedule a conversation about your experience and why you do not want to be involved.

As a member of a Learning Community you have agreed to show respect for one another, create a positive environment for community members and place your priority on a successful academic and social transition to college (lack of participation during the entire fall semester will result in spring learning community course registration not being guaranteed).  If this agreement is broken, you will be removed from the community.