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Faculty members involved with Learning Communities have the opportunity to support student success! Getting involved with students directly in a smaller group, like Learning Communities, helps students feel like more than just a number. Join in our mission to help students Live, Learn, Connect, and Succeed!

Learning Communities Proposals

There is always an interest in NEW Learning Communities. Please contact our Director if you have any ideas!

Faculty Involvement

Learning Communities try to bridge the gap between students and faculty by holding events where they can interact together.

Learning Communities Research

The National Survey of Student Engagement Annual Report (2007) -based on data from four-year colleges and universities - identified Learning Communities as one of ten “high impact undergraduate practices”

LC Faculty FAQ

FAQ answers for faculty members involved with Learning Communities.

About Learning Communities

Learning Communities provide students the opportunity to join a community that supports their academic success and transitions in college.

LC Success

The Learning Communities Program is intended to promote a variety of activities commonly linked with enhanced general education outcomes