How Faculty can be involved with Learning Communities

One of our goals is to have students interact with faculty members on a regular basis. Learning Communities try to bridge the gap between students and faculty by holding events where they can interact together.

Each Learning Community has an event held weekly and we have found attendance to these events is consistently higher when faculty members attend. This shows that students enjoy getting to know faculty more directly, beyond the classroom setting. Having student/faculty interaction is a key component to our Learning Communities program. Interaction between students and faculty is an important factor in a student’s development, learning, engagement, and satisfaction during college. We encourage you to aid in your students’ success by interacting with them during the semester.

There are a number of ways to get involved with students in a Learning Community outside of the classroom. Here are some ideas that have been successful in the past:

  • Study sessions
  • Dinner in the Dining Center
  • Q&A Session about your field/discipline
  • Attending a game night
  • These are just a few ideas and any others you have would be great!

Each semester you have a Learning Community in your class, you will have a Learning Community Coordinator (LCC) reach out to you at the beginning of the semester. We encourage you to communicate with the LCC on a regular basis throughout the semester. They can fill you in on when activities and study sessions are during the week if you are interested in attending. They would also love to hear any ideas you may have for events or interactions with the students.

Every year each Learning Community volunteers in the community, either on campus or in the Mankato area. They choose a volunteer opportunity that is of fitting interest for the Learning Community and “Make a Difference” in the community with their meaningful activity. During spring semester all the Learning Communities come together to share/reflect on the activity they participated in during our Make a Difference Celebration. This is a time where students get to share how and why their volunteering made a difference which makes it more meaningful for the students. Not only does this event mean something to the greater community, but it also impacts each Learning Community knowing they made a difference.