What is a Learning Community?

Learning Communities are an opportunity for you meet your lifelong friends, earn a higher GPA and to connect with faculty in your program. 

You will be introduced to different resources on campus and participate in events created specifically for your community:

  • academic events
  • understanding those around you at Minnesota State Mankato
  • events to engage with faculty outside the classroom (dinner, study session put on by faculty, ice cream social, etc.)
  • social events designed to strengthen the bonds within your community
  • academic and career-oriented events showing you what you can do with your degree.

Sharing these experiences will allow you to have a built-in support system to help you have a successful year at Minnesota State Mankato!

The community supports your academic success through taking classes with others in the community, provids a peer mentor to plan activities and study sessions, allows you pre-registration in approved courses, and allows first-year students the opportunity to live on campus around others working for the same success.

The community supports your success as well, by assisting with transitions (to college life, through a major change, as well as others) and encourages you to involve yourself in the different opportunities offered on campus!

How They Work

  • Learning community students take some of their classes together, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with other students.
  • Each learning community has their own Learning Community Coordinator (LCC) who is dedicated to the academic success and college experience of each of the students in their learning community. The LCC assists each student in setting academic goals, develops study groups for the community, and plans service work, cultural appreciation, and other events.

The learning community enrollment form includes a Learning Community Citizenship Agreement. This agreement ensures that all students in the Learning Communities Program will show respect for one another, create a positive environment for community members and place their priority on a successful academic and social transition to college. It also shows agreement to participate in the learning community activities (lack of participation could result in spring learning community course registration not being guaranteed).


Advantages of Joining a Learning Community

Join a Learning Community to connect with people similar to you, interact with faculty, receive help from a peer mentor, and make a difference in the community.

Learning Communities Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Learning Communities such as the amount of students who can join, the benefits, where students live, and if you already have credit for a course.

Enroll in a Learning Community

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Meet The Learning Communities Team

Learning Community Team: Address, Phone, Email, Office Location

Learning Communities Testimonials

Learning Communities

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