Learning Community Priority Move-In

Priority Move-In for Learning Community Students

As a Learning Community student you will have the opportunity to move to campus on Wednesday, August 21st with no additional cost to you.

Why should you move in early with other Learning Community students?

  • Less of a crowd! Rather than moving in at the same time as everyone in your residence hall, you’ll be moving in with only learning community students! That means better access to elevators and carts, less crowded hallways, and more close-in parking will be available to you.
  • Early social connections! Since most of the people moving in on that Wednesday will be learning community students, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other students you’ll be living and taking classes with a day early. We’ll also provide a welcome event that evening to help you get acquainted.
  • Participate in Move Crew with your Learning Community!

Sign Up for Priority Move-in

Learning Community Welcome

If you choose to move in early, this event is required

  • At 7pm on Wednesday, August 21st there will be a Learning Community desert reception and welcome (students and staff only—families, please say your good-byes before then).
  • This event is intended for you to have an opportunity to:
    • Meet other students in your Learning Community
    • Receive Move Crew instructions and training, and your “Move Crew 2024” t-shirt
    • Get to know your Learning Community Coordinator better (you should have met them before this)
    • Enjoy some fun together!

Thursday, August 22nd

  • You, along with many other learning community students, Learning Community Coordinators, and fellow Mavericks will welcome and assist students moving into our residence communities.
  • Your learning community team will be assigned one of the following shifts to help outside one of the residence communities 8:15-11:15 AM; 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM; 1:45 PM – 4:30 PM.  You will receive your shift assignment at the dessert reception.
    • Please note that if you do not attend the learning community reception or participate in your assigned shift, you may receive charges from Residential Life for arriving early and your t-shirt.

Maximizing your Move In