Learning Community Housing

Options for Learning Community Students

We encourage you to live on campus with others in your Learning Community because that's where much of your networking takes place, but it is not required.

You can choose to live:

  • In designated Learning Community housing
    • Renovated double rooms located in Crawford A, B, D, McElroy E, F, H or Preska I Halls. Renovated rooms have in-room air-conditioning and share a community bathroom with the floor.
      • The Learning Community Program will work with Residential Life to assign you to the floor dedicated to your chosen community.
    • You can choose to have another Learning Community student assigned as your roommate, or you may choose your own.
  • Other on-campus housing
    • It will be your responsibility to choose a housing location after the time-slot provided to you by Residential Life. Find more information at the Housing Priority Deadline page.
  • Off-campus

If you are living on campus, as a Learning Community student you will have the opportunity to move to campus early with no additional cost.