Why Apply for a Fellowship?

There are many reasons you might consider applying for a fellowship. Here are just a few:

  • Applications provide you with the opportunity to work closely with faculty and staff at the university in building your application.
  • The process of applying assists you in building and compiling applications for graduate or professional school.
  • If you apply for an award requiring university endorsement, the act of being chosen by the review committee is an honor in itself.
  • Each application asks you to reflect upon your past experiences, consider your future goals, and articulate them clearly and concisely on paper. This is a process of self-discovery, both in the personal and professional sense. The better you can identify and articulate your experiences, goals, and the reasoning behind them, the more competitive you will be not only in terms of award opportunities, but also in terms of graduate or professional school and employment.
  • Why not apply? You might receive an award if you apply, but you certainly won't receive one if you don't!