Taxes: 2023 Filing

The NoRTH & Mankato International Tax Clinic is now open to assist members with their 2023 tax returns!  

We provide free tax services to individuals with a school, nonprofit, or government email address.  If you have an email that ends in .edu, .org, or .gov., you are eligible to become a member and utilize our free services.  Other organization email addresses, or those from organizations that are based outside of the U.S., may have a different ending, but can also meet our criteria.  If you have any questions about membership, please feel free to contact us at

We provide free tax software, tools, guides, and video demos that are available on demand 24/7.  We also provide individual support through in-person tax clinics, remote tax clinics, and remote office hours sessions.  Appointments for all our events are available from now through mid-April.

To request your free membership please click the button below: 

NoRTH & Mankato Membership Request You can also visit our websites and find further information at NonResident Tax Help Group.


Last tax season we partnered with Sprintax for your tax needs. If you wish to use Sprintax again this year instead of NoRTH, you may do so by clicking the button below.

Sprintax Tax Prep  

When prompted, use the code MSUM250F23.

More tax information can be found on the tax blog.Sprintax International Student US Tax Guide and Blog

Disclaimer: The Kearney International Center and the school are NOT permitted to assist any student/scholar with any IRS tax form preparation or tax-related questions. The information provided is intended for your benefit. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Sprintax, a certified tax preparer, or a local IRS field office.