Mankato Ordinances

Employees and students at Minnesota State University, Mankato are expected to obey federal and state law and city ordinances when they are present within those jurisdictions.

Some of the more common codes state:

  1. It shall be unlawful for a person, under the age of twenty-one (21) years, to represent themselves as being twenty-one (21) years of age or older for purposes of gaining admission to premises licensed for the sale of intoxicating or 3.2 percent malt liquor.
  2. It shall be unlawful for a person, except a person under the age of eighteen, who is accompanied by his or her parent or legal guardian, (which parent or legal guardian is 21 years of age or older), to enter or attempt to enter premises license for the on-sale or off-sale of intoxicating or 3.2 percent malt liquor, without having on their person a valid, unaltered driver's license or picture identification card issued by a state or the United States government identifying such person and their date of birth or, in the case of a foreign national, a valid passport.
  3. Except as provided in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 340A, as it may be amended from time to time, it is unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, upon any pretense or by any device, to sell, exchange, barter or keep for sale any intoxicating liquor without first having obtained a licensed therefore from the City.
  4. It is unlawful for a person to consume or to possess an open container of alcoholic beverage on any public street, highway, or roadway, in a public parking lot, or on the public pedestrian malls in the Central Business District of the City of Mankato. It is not unlawful to consume alcoholic beverages or to possess an open container of alcoholic beverage in a city park unless it has been posted prohibiting consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages in that park.
  5. It is unlawful for any person(s) to host or allow an event or gathering at any residence, premises, or on any other private or public property where alcohol or alcoholic beverages are present when the person knows or reasonably should know that an underage person will or does consume any alcohol or alcoholic beverage; or possess any alcohol or alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume it; and the person fails to take reasonable steps to prevent possession or consumption by the underage person(s). A person is criminally responsible for violating Subdivision above if the person intentionally aids, advises, hires, counsels, or conspires with or otherwise procures another to commit the prohibited act. A person who hosts an event or gathering does not have to be present at the event or gathering to be criminally responsible.
  6. No person, while intoxicated, in a public place shall conduct him or herself so as to be a danger to themselves or others and/or engage in public disruption.

For specific penalties for violations, contact the Mankato Department of Public Safety. For specific laws, refer to the City of Mankato Code of Ordinances website or contact the Mankato city attorney (507-387-8606).