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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Clock Tower

The Great Place to Work Task Force has established the following subcommittees:

When provided, meeting minutes will be posted under the applicable subcommittee section.

  • Marketing
    This group will be responsible for spreading the word throughout campus on the survey and the action plans resulting from it.
    Members: Jim Grabowska, Linda Hanson, Stewart Ross, Robert Hoffman 
  • Continued Campus Conversations
    This group will make sure that lines of communication are kept open between the task force and University employees.
    Members: Jim Grabowska, Valerie Roberts, Jeff Halbur, Stewart Ross, John Alessio
  • Moving Red to Green
    This subcommittee will work on improving the areas identified in the survey as needing improvement. (Areas identified in red on the survey graphs)
    Members: Great Place to Work Task Force
  • Workplace Environment
    This group will be charged to follow through on recommendations from the bullying consultant's survey and final report.
    Members: Linda Hanson, Sarah DeKramer, Valerie Roberts, Becky Barkmeier