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Parking Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes ­ Friday, January 19, 2001

Parking Advisory Chairperson David Cowan convened a regular meeting of the Parking Advisory Committee at 3:07 PM on Friday, January 19th, 2001 in the Student Senate's Conference Room at the Centennial Student Union.

Regular PAC Members Present ­ 4 of 6 members
1. Rose Marie Ley AFSCME Council 6, Local 638 Representative
2. David Cowan Administration Representative
3. Scott Hagebak MSUAASF Bargaining Unit Representative
4. Katie Erickson Alternate for Off-Campus Student Association Representative
Syliva Oelberg

Regular PAC Members Absent ­ 2 of 6 members
1. (Vacant) On-Campus Student Association Representative
2. Steve Gilbert IFO Faculty Association Representative

Ex-officio, Nonvoting Members Present ­ 3 of 7 members
1. Kate Voight Parking Citation Appeals Board Liaison
2. Dave Neve Business Affairs Representative
3. Sue Edstrom Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator

Ex-officio, Nonvoting Members Absent ­ 4 of 7 members
1. Christopher Goettl Residence Hall Association Representative
2. Larry Kohanek Facilities Mgmt. Planning & Construction Manager
3. Diane Solinger Residential Life Office Representative
4. (Vacant) Space Scheduling Liaison

Others in Attendance

Cathy Hughes Replaced by Scott Hagebak ­ MSUAASF Representative

PAC Chairperson Cowan reported he had received an email from MSUAASF President Diane Solinger, which indicated Cathy Hughes could no longer be on the PAC and that Scott Hagebak would be her replacement.
The MSUAASF seat is one of six voting seats on the Parking Advisory Committee. Scott has been on the PAC as a nonvoting member representing Space Scheduling.

Student Association Recommendation on Meeting Day

PAC members acknowledged Student Association President Chris Boyce's concern about Friday afternoon meetings. Though not present, Boyce had left word indicating that student volunteers don't view Friday 3 PM meetings as the most desirable. Other PAC members noted that the Student Association had yet to find someone to fill the vacant Residence Hall student seat on the Advisory Committee.

Agenda Approved
Without objection the agenda for the January 19, 2001, meeting was approved.

Meeting Minutes Approved
Upon review of the meeting minutes for November 10, PAC members offered several corrections including one spelling concern, a paragraph header change, and the addition of a paragraph dealing with the impact
of a PAC jurisdictional change would mean to job descriptions, duty assignments, and related payroll shifts of one or more employees now funded in part from M&E departmental funds of University Security. The meeting "notes" of December 1 were also adjusted to reflect a couple of spelling mistakes along with the addition of a paragraph on Perry Wood's proposed classroom project surveying parking concerns. With no objection the November 10 minutes and December 1 notes as corrected were approved.

Paylot Attendant's Booth Update
PAC Chairperson Cowan and Dave Neve reported that the drawing workup for the new paylot attendant's booth was approved by the President. [In a follow-up January 22nd conversation between Cowan and Larry Kohanek, Facilities Management Planning & Construction Manager, a construction plan was talked about where MSU carpenters would build the booth over in Grounds Maintenance Department space beneath spectator seats at Blakeslee Stadium. In early summer the booth would be relocated to the Lot 4 Paylot. Some brickwork facing may also be involved to spruce up the appearance of the booth and make it less crash prone. The PAC has a long-standing commitment to pay for the cost of the booth's replacement up to $20,000.

Maywood Speed Reduction Measures On-Going
It was reported that the six pedestrian road stop units had arrived at Security. The Parking Program paid for all six at a cost of $250 each. One of the six units was delivered to the City of Mankato's Street Department to replace one of City's which was on loan to MSU. The City's unit was stolen from its site on Maywood between the Performing Arts Center and Wissink. A second unit has been placed in that same location, and, to prevent theft, is picked up every night by Security.

Sue Edstrom indicated that the remaining four units will be used as needed, particularly during Security's
planned Spring Pedestrian Awareness Campaign.

Oelberg Tabled Motion Postponed Formalizing PAC Jurisdiction Issues
PAC members agreed to postpone Oelberg's tabled motion of November 10. That motion was submitted by Sylvia Oelberg as a follow-up to October 27 discussions on jurisdictional questions. It reads as follows:

That the Committee's charge be reviewed to determine if the current mission
of the Parking Advisory Committee is accurate. As the PAC has handled issues
and concerns beyond the current mission statement, it is further requested that a
traffic and safety component be considered as part of the mission and charge of
the PAC.

It was noted that the PAC's mission as stated in the parking handbook now reads:

Our mission is to provide parking and transportation alternatives to meet the needs of the
students, faculty, staff and guests of the campus.

- 2 -
[The Parking Advisory Committee has handled parking lot concerns, dealt with bike rack inventory and placement, paid for pedestrian/traffic control at sensitive interactions, initiated the Route 8 bus service, created the Red Eye Shuttle to and from Lot 20, etc. The PAC has recently "partnered" with the Administration in
such projects as the Ellis Avenue makeover to enhance traffic circulation in front of the paylot and at the west
end of the Ellis/Stadium Road intersection. The PAC, together with the Administration and the Student Union, is in the process of buying six new bike racks. The PAC has also listened to complaints about and made recommendations on traffic flow, speeders, pedestrian walkway issues, etc. and, most recently, used Parking funds to purchase six movable pedestrian stop signs.]

Urban Studies Classroom Survey Project - Follow-up to Parking Consultant Report
Again PAC Chairperson David Cowan briefed those present on what he believed to be a proposal being development by Perry Wood, Professor from the Urban & Regional Studies Institute. At its December 1 session those PAC members present wanted to see specific objectives when they were available. Costs associated with the project would probably not exceed $1,500. Surveys would touch such topics as: a potential parking ramp customer base; pedestrian/vehicle bottlenecks at intersections; and the impact of eliminating on-street parking stalls.

[In a January 22 follow-up call between Cowan and Professor Perry Wood, Wood indicated that Urban Studies Advanced Planning Seminar #665 would be the group doing the study. That class has twelve to fourteen second year graduate students majoring in Urban Planning. Perry Wood also mentioned the possibility of the class submitting a "mini-grant" request against a $25,000 allotment awarded to MSU's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences allotment from Minnesota State under its system-wide "Learn by Doing" grant program. Perry hopes the class can present a budget proposal and set of objectives during the PAC's February 2nd meeting.]

Annual Hearing on Parking Policies & Procedures
Without objection the PAC agreed that 1 PM ­ 3 PM Thursday, March 22, 2001, would be time and date of the PAC's Annual Public Hearing on Parking Policies and Procedures.

Proposed Summer 2001 Repairs and Upgrades
PAC members discussed Larry Kohanek's January 16th email about probable repairs and lot upgrades that could be made this summer. Kohanek had a meeting scheduled with Bolten and Menk on Jan. 17 to discuss
lot repair work for next summer. Cowan reported that he told Kohanek to keep the costs between $100,000 to $150,000, roughly $100,000 less that the what the bill was last summer. In his January 16th email Kohanek recommended the following:
Add curb to west side of Lot 1.
No curb exists today on the west side of Lot 1 (behind Gage Center) and Parking &
Traffic Services is burdened with issuing tickets for vehicles parking on the grass.

Replace lighting in Lot 1.
Reuse the 50' concrete poles salvaged from Lot
8 and 16 and install new shoebox heads. Lot 1 lighting has
been cobbled together from recycled lighting and is becoming
unreliable - it has never provided an adequate level of lighting.

Add curbs only to Lot 23 (free lot).
Curbs on four sides of Lot 23 (free lot) would help control illegal parkers who park on the grass.
The investment would not be as costly as providing a hard surface on the gravel lot - MSU
would still need to pave and install permanent lighting in the future.

Overlay lot 7.
The master plan for Residential Life shows Lot 7 (tennis court lot) as a future
site for a residence hall with Phase 2 of their proposed apartment
construction project which is 8-10 years out.

Overlay Lot 4A.
In 1996 when Lot 4 and 4a were reconstructed, Lot 4a (Gold Permit lot)
had only an asphalt base coarse. An overlay is now needed to finish the project.

Patch and sealcoat Lot 13 (West of McElroy I Hall ,
Carkoski Commons, and Crawford A Hall.
Residential. Life may be building on the east end of this lot in 3-5 years but this investment
is necessary to maintain the integrity of the existing driving surface.

Larry's email on the proposals triggered several emails from PAC members:

Scott Hagebak - Two quick thoughts on the proposed repairs:
Lot 1 lighting - be sure to consider impact on the observatories.
Lot 23 - since this lot does not bring in revenue it should be the lowest priority until the President allows some level of permit charge.

Diane Solinger ­ The site where Lot 7 (tennis court lot) now exists is part of the Residential Life Master Plan. Investing money in resurfacing that "temporary" lot may not be a wise move in the long run.

Kate Voight stated that if Lot 7 ends up eliminated due to residence hall construction, then Residential Life should be required to provide alternate parking for the "off-campus" vehicle drivers displaced.

Scott Hagebak stated that other permit holders continue to subsidize costs associated with maintaining the so-called "free lot" (Lot 23). Snow removal, grading, filling of potholes, lighting, patrols by Parking & Traffic Services officers, free door unlocks, free battery jump starts, are all expense items absorbed by the general parking program budget. The PAC should consider some sort of fee of say $30 for the academic year to help recover the cost of installing curb and gutter in Lot 23. [If that were to be approved you would have: Lot 20 $110 Purple; Lots 21 and 22 Orange $60; and Lot 23 gravel $30.]

Other members noted that the Administration's position has been that people pay to park on paved areas. Parking on gravel has not been seen as a value.

Without object the PAC recommended that a comprehensive striping plan be developed for all 5,000 parking spaces, excluding the gravel parking area of Lot 23 (free lot).

Estimates on the cost of the various proposed repairs and upgrades will be forthcoming.

Closure of Lot 5 ­ Rehabilitation of Otto Arena
It was reported that the rehabilitation of Otto Arena would commence perhaps as much as six weeks before the end of Spring Semester (May 11). When Lot 5 is closed in April Lot 5 gold permit holders will have to be relocated to Lot 7. As to the long-term future of Lot 5, Larry Kohanek recommended creation of a permanent right turn lane. Heartland Express bus drivers favor the plan as another way to ease the logjam at the intersection of Stadium Road and Ellis Avenue.
- 4 -
No action was taken at this time concerning the Kohanek proposal. There are 32 stalls in Lot 5. Scott Hagebak said that the PAC should not have to pay for such a turn lane improvement and that someone should pay for the creation of 32 stalls elsewhere on the campus if Lot 5 is sacrificed.

Beginning of Semester Problems and Challenges
Sue Edstrom, Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator, noted that Lot 16 was the "winner" in chewing up patrol officer time as people illegally parked. For some strange reason Parking and Traffic Services reported that for some strange reason green permit holders were parking three vehicles deep in one row despite signage that has been in place since this fall. Illegally parked vehicles have been towed to Lot 22 to free up the trapped vehicles and the violator assessed $40. Parking and Traffic Services attempted to contact the green permit holder before each tow.

PAC members were told that Lot 23 (free lot) didn't have a lot of problems this time around. Apparently,
the three deep parking problems of early Fall have not reoccurred.

Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

David Cowan, Chairperson
Parking Advisory Committee