Accessibility Parking

Accessibility parking is not a special privilege, but a necessity. The spaces are needed to give people with mobility limitations the same opportunities to use public or private facilities as people who do not have disabilities.

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Minnesota State Mankato Accessibility Permit privileges

Minnesota State Mankato Accessibility Permit privileges can be purchased for $152 (Fall-Summer) from University Security with documentation (doctor’s note usually). 

Possess a government issued accessibility dashboard certificate or vehicle plate

If you already possess a government issued accessibility (a.k.a. handicap) dashboard certificate or vehicle plate, we request that you purchase a Minnesota State Mankato permit to demonstrate an investment in the program and to help cover costs including snow removal, pothole repairs, lighting, etc.

Parking Eligibility

Accessibility permit buyers are eligible to park in any Minnesota State Mankato parking stall, including accessibility stalls, vacant Gold, Purple and Green permit stalls, and Flowbird time stalls (without charge). 

Grounds Maintenance policies address the removal of snow and ice from accessibility stalls on a priority basis.

Temporary Accessibility Parking Permits (Minnesota State Mankato)

With the University temporary accessibility permit you can park in University accessible stalls, Gold stalls, Purple permit stalls, Green permit stalls, or Flowbird (meter) stalls.

  1. Go to University Security (Wiecking Center).
  2. Provide them with supporting documentation about the disability from a physician.
  3. University Security will issue you a temporary blue paper hanging permit for your rear-view mirror. The price is $10 a week for non-University parking permit holders.
  4. The temporary accessibility permit is good for up to two weeks.

Those with University temporary permits are encouraged to file for a state accessibility permit so they can park close-in to retail establishments off-campus.

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Because some people cannot walk, or because a visible or hidden impairment makes walking difficult or hazardous, people with disabilities are at a disadvantage. This is particularly true in winter if accessibility parking is not provided or is left obstructed.

Accessibility parking spaces also provide extra space for people in wheelchairs when getting in and out of a vehicle.

License Plates

To learn about obtaining disability license plates for your vehicle, go to the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services website.

Accessibility Transportation (Minnesota State Mankato)

Maverick Shuttle Program

The Maverick Shuttle Program will provide free accessible transportation for individuals with disabilities during Minnesota State University, Mankato class days.

Pick up and drop off locations:

  • McElroy and Crawford resident communities
  • University buildings
  • bus shelters

This shuttle follows the route 8 city bus from 7:30-3:30pm.

Curb Service

Curb Service can be arranged by calling 507-389-5649.

Red Eye Shuttle

The Red Eye Shuttle will provide free accessibility transportation with 12-hour prior notice by calling 507-389-5649.