Student Conduct Resources for Faculty

Faculty and staff in every position on campus play an important role in mentoring students and enhancing their success by partnering with MavCARES, providing academic support, and intervening when educational opportunities arise.

Academic Dishonesty

Learn how to personally manage incidents of academic dishonesty or refer cases to the Student Conduct Office for further disciplinary action. All Minnesota State University constituents are expected to adhere to the highest academic standards of integrity.

Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Resources for preventing and correcting disruptive classroom behavior.

What's Next?

Read an overview of the Student Conduct Process.

Assisting Students

Identify students in need of academic or personal support and connect them to proper resources on campus that can aid in their success.

Student Conduct Classroom Presentations

Request a 30 minute classroom presentation by Student Conduct Administrators to promote student success and academic integrity.