Volunteer With Mavs in Action

Mavs in Action are student volunteer leaders who make a difference!

What we do

  • Carry out small service projects that benefit the MNSU Campus and the Greater Mankato Area
  • Build leadership skills through program development and campus engagement
  • Create awareness about the impact of community service

When and where do we meet?

  • Thursdays at 4 pm (regular meetings)
  • Heritage Room (CSU 101)

Special events or location changes are announced via email or social media

Levels of Membership (participation tracked in MAV Central)

  • Full membership = 3 meetings attended and volunteered at 1 major event
    • Attending your first meeting automatically gets you signed up for our weekly newsletter!
  • Level 2 Membership = 5 meetings attended and volunteered at 3 major events
  • Level 3 Membership Motivated Maverick = 7 meetings attended and volunteered at 5 major events
  • Volunteer of the Year nominee eligible = more than 10 meetings attended and volunteered for 7+ major events