Member Milestones

Explore the different levels of leadership with the Student Events Team. Meet your Maverick Milestontes!

  • Team member: Curious on what the group is about, become a Team member today! Achieve Purple Status to become a member 
  • Team Lead: Assist Board Members in planning and creating events!
  • Board Member: Become a student leader on campus! 

Membership Milestones

Here is the path to greater status and recognition within the Student Events Team. Accomplish the milestones below and gain status and perks.

Purple Status (Attend 5 events and 5 meetings+ join us on Engage)


  • Recieve Team Member Shirt
  • Free Small Combo at Stomper's Cinema

Gold Status (Attend 10 events and 10 meetings + bring a friend to a meeting)


  • Get an exclusive Student Events Team drawstring bag and sunglasses

Maverick Status  (Attend 20 events and 20 meetings + hold a leadership role at an event)


  • Attend end of the year leadership cook out
  • Invited to Alumni Group
  • Receive a Student Events Team Tumbler

Life-Time Status "The 40-40 Club" (Attend 40 events and 40 meetings)


  • Student Events Team Cords at graduation
  • Student Events Team Life-Time Pin
  • Qualify for alumni social at Homecoming Concert