Student Government Vacancy Elections

Vacancy elections are held within the Senate once a position becomes available. The process consists of the Speaker announcing a vacancy during a Senate meeting, a candidate filling out this form, and then an in-person election will be held two weeks after the initial announcement of the vacancy. Candidates must come before the Senate the day of the vacancy election to speak and answer questions. Senatorial candidates must have open availability from 3-6 p.m. every Wednesday. Exceptions cannot be made for those who cannot attend the meeting on time and for the full duration of the meeting.

Additional Information: Please be aware you can only occupy one Senate seat. If you qualify for more than one vacancy, you may be considered for any seat for which you qualify and which you may be interested in. You should make clear, during your introduction to the Senate, and in your "why are you interested" response below, which seat(s) you qualify for, and which you are most interested in. You are only able to apply for the seats open in the vacancy election. For example, if a Residential Life senator seat is the only available vacancy, you may not apply to be an Off Campus Senator. Please note that Graduate students are only eligible to run for Graduate Studies, Off Campus, On Campus, and At Large senator positions.

Student Government also has an array of committees and boards you may serve on even if you are not currently a senator. Please contact the Student Government office 507-389-2611 for more information on these committees. Please note that applications are due by 12:00 noon on the Tuesday preceding the meeting at which the vacancy is being filled. Applications received after 12:00 noon on Tuesday will not be considered.