Past Presidents

The President shall be the chief administrative officer of Student Government (name changed in May, 2018 - formerly known as the MSSA or Minnesota State Student Association). Subject to the advice and approval of a majority of the Senate and subject to further provisions of this Constitution and its Bylaws, the President shall appoint the President's Cabinet, the Meet and Confer team, the membership of boards, commissions, and committees, and may establish Student Government staff positions.

Their dedication and commitment to Student Government and the students of this university over time isn't forgotton and it is celebrated here.

Years Name Picture
2024-2025 Roshit Niraula  
2023-2024 Sierra Roiger  
2022-2023 Emma Zellmer a person smiling at camera
2021-2022 Reauna Stiff a close-up of a person smiling
2020-2021 Andrew Trenne a person in a suit and tie
2019-2020 Anisa Omar a person wearing a black head scarf
2018-2019 MaryElizabeth (MeMe) Cronin  
2017-2018 Abdulrahmane Abdul-Aziz Abdulrahmane Abdul-Aziz
2016-2017 Faical Rayani Faical Rayani
2015-2016 Mariah Haffield Mariah Haffield
2014-2015 Mariah Haffield Mariah Haffield
2013-2014 Christoper Collins Christoper Collins
2012-2013 Soyal Shrestha Soyal Shrestha
2011-2012 Matthew "Matt" Lexcen Matthew Lexcen
2010-2011 Thomas "Tom" Williams Thomas Williams
2009-2010 Murtaza Rajabali Murtaza Rajabali
2008-2009 Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson
2007-2008 Cristopher "Chris" Frederick Cristopher Frederick
2006-2007 Gabriel "Gabe" Afolayan Gabriel Afolayan
2005-2006 Rob Wills Rob Wills
2004-2005 Shazad Anwer Shazad Anwer
2003-2004 C. Rhys Gaffer C. Rhys Gaffer
2002-2003 Joseph Muggli Joseph Muggli
2001-2002 Roger White Owl Roger White Owl
2000-2001 Christopher Boyce Christopher Boyce
1999-2000 Sylvia Oelberg Sylvia Oelberg
1998-1999 Jason Kocina Jason Kocina
1997-1998 Brian Dietz Brian Dietz
1996-1997 Tony Hanson Tony Hanson
1995-1996 Mona Wallace Mona Wallace
1994-1995 Kristopher Hammes Kristopher Hammes
1993-1994 Randy Wanke Randy Wanke
1992-1993 Julie Reinert Julie Reinert
1991-1992 Jody Vogl Jody Vogl
1989-1991 Mike Opela Mike Opela
1988-1989 Kelly Gregg Kelly Gregg
1987-1988 Tim Wierzbicki Tim Wierzbicki
1986-1987 Kurt Battles Kurt Battles
1985-1986 Natalie Tyrell Natalie Tyrell
1984-1985 Jim Lund Jim Lund
1983-1984 Stephanie Walker Stephanie Walker
1982-1983 Paul Peterson Paul Peterson
1981-1982 Gregg Asher Gregg Asher
1979-1980 Keith Bierwirth Keith Bierwirth