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Career Information Policy: Career Development Center
Division of Academic & Student Affairs
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Board Policy 3.38: Career Information

Minnesota State University, Mankato is committed to provide career information to occupational program students, and to all students enrolling in our institution.  Minnesota State University, Mankato shall comply with Board Policy 3.38 Career Information and Board Procedure 3.38.1 Career Information by:

  • Including career exploration and job opportunity information in Admissions hard copy and/or email communications to prospective students annually.
  • Providing career exploration and job opportunity information to students through orientation or other new student programs.
  • Notifying students annually about the availability of resources for obtaining career exploration and job prospect information.
  • Maintaining career information and job prospect information on the university career services website.
  • The University will summarize how it fulfills these procedures on an annual basis. 

Board Procedure 3.38.1 indicates that the Office of the Chancellor will generate provisions to satisfy the following:

Part 3: Policy Requirements

  • Subpart 2: During the online admission application process, students who indicate interest in occupational programs shall be directed to websites that provide information about career exploration and job opportunities.
  • Subpart 6: The Office of the Chancellor shall make curriculum and best practices on career exploration, which can be incorporated into existing courses, available to system colleges and universities.

Current practices and goals for Minnesota State Mankato are:

Career Development Center:
  • Provide annual information regarding careers and job opportunities via an email sent to all enrolled students.
New Student and Family Programs:
  • Provide career and job opportunity information to all students/parents participating in Orientation via slides provided by the Career Development Center.
  • Inclusion of career and job opportunity information in post-Orientation email sent to all participants.
  • Inclusion of link to career exploration and job opportunity information in hard-copy and online application for admission.
  • Inclusion of a link to this information on the Admissions website.