Career Success Syllabus

Grab your future by the horns by following this general guide to completing career milestones during your college experience.

All Students

  • Attend fairs, events, and networking opportunities hosted by Your Career Development Center
  • Utilize applicable services offered to you by Your Career Development Center
  • Check your regularly for tailored messages for you from Your Career Development Center
  • Please note the below is an APPROXIMATE timeline, customize the timing & tasks to suit your own unique career needs


  • Explore Your Interests, Skills, & Talent
    • Take the FOCUS
    • Get to know the Academic Catalog and explore any areas of natural interest
    • Get involved on campus! Consider joining a Student Organization
    • Consider a part-time job, workstudy position, or volunteer role find opportunities on Handshake
  • Develop Your Understanding of Careers
    • Check out What Can I Do With This Major?
  • Manage Your Career Path
    • Write your first resume using the Job Search Handbook
    • Complete your Handshake Profile


  • Explore Your Interests, Skills, & Talent
    • Talk with your advisors, faculty, career advisors, or mentors about majors, study abroad, and career paths
    • If undecided, meet with a Career Advisor to guide you in moving forward
  • Develop Your Understanding of Careers
    • Conduct an Informational Interview with someone working in your field of interest
    • Explore O*NET or the Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Manage Your Career Path
    • Begin building your network by creating and using a LinkedIn Profile
    • Use Handshake to find internship or summer job opportunities  


  • Explore Your Interests, Skills, & Talent
    • Begin to explore graduate schools if additional education is needed for your career goals  
    • Seek out leadership opportunities in 1-2 student organizations or extracurricular activities
  • Develop Your Understanding of Careers
    • Consider setting up a job shadow to strengthen your network and explore different career paths in your major
  • Manage Your Career Path
    • Build your resume with off-campus applied learning such internships, part-time jobs, undergraduate research, volunteer work, or study abroad
    • View Candid Career videos to inform your career path options
    • Explore opportunities on GoingGlobal


  • Explore Your Interests, Skills, & Talent
    • Revisit your many experiences and skills you have developed to prepare for interviewing
  • Develop Your Understanding of Careers
    • Set your job search strategy early
    • Update your resume, cover letters, and other application materials – tailor each to the position you are applying for
    • Do regular searches on Handshake and use filters to find opportunities of interest
    • Reach out to your LinkedIn network
  • Manage Your Career Path
    • Think about what faculty, advisors, supervisors, mentors, or coaches could be positive references for you – be sure to ask them BEFORE submitting
    • Complete the Graduate Follow-Up Survey